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G-Wall - Modular Living Wall System

  • £175.00

Sold as 16 cells covering 1m² | Excludes screws & irrigation

G-WALL - A Modular Living Wall System

G-Wall 3 image introduction

Every garden, no matter how small, has some vertical space, be it a wall or other suitable structure, that is perfect for populating with plants. The Platipus G-WALL® is an easy to install modular system that will allow even the most inexperienced gardener to transform bare boundaries or spaces into vibrant colourful living walls.


Key Benefits:

  • Quick to assemble and install using basic tools
  • Can be easily expanded (vertically & horizontally)
  • Simple to water with ‘drip through’ irrigation slots
  • Ideal for flowers, ferns, sedums, evergreens, herbs, grasses & trailing plants

G-Wall Easy to Assemble steps



Guidelines & Suggestions - PositionPOSITION:

When deciding on where to position your G-WALL® you will need to give some consideration on the location to the sun. This may also have an impact on your choice of plants:

North facing will be shady
South facing will be sunny
East or West facing will experience both




Annuals: Normally last a year but they can give you great colour
Edibles: Herbs, vegetables and fruits. These are likely to be seasonal
Succulents: Require less water / maintenance. Can last for many years
Tropical: Ideal for your internal planting and can provide big green leaves that are full of life
Perennials: These can last for years if properly maintained

Guidelines & Suggestions - Soils



Once you have made your plant selection you will need to choose a suitable soil for your plants:

  • Annuals & Edibles: A good quality potting mix with organic matter to stimulate growth
  • Succulents: Do not like wet feet, the potting mix must have good drainage
  • Tropical & Perennials: A good quality potting mix should be fine with bark, perlite and pumice

Guidelines & Suggestions - MaintenanceMaintenance*:

It is good practice to inspect your G-WALL® regularly to check the condition of your plants and soil:

  • Consider replacing some plants and specimens every quarter to ensure your G-WALL® remains healthy and vibrant
  • Replace any underperforming varieties, if necessary
  • Consider using a granular or liquid fertiliser, if necessary
  • During winter it is best to water during warmer moments, to avoid frost and icing


*We would always recommend speaking to your local Garden Centre or
Nursery if you need assistance with plant selection, soils and maintenance.


G-WALL Modular Living Wall Booklet Single Panel Installation Guide Multi-Panel Installation Guide
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