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G-WALL Living Wall Systems

G-WALL - Set of 8 Cells (0.5m2) £110.00 (£122 inc. VAT)
G-WALL - Set of 16 Cells (1m2) £175.00 (£210 inc. VAT)

Free installation template with each kit.
Required tools(not included): Hammer, drill, 6mm drillbit, screws & rawlplugs.
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What is a living wall  Be Creative with G-WALL
Key Benefits of a Green WallKey Benefits of our Green Wall System:

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens
  • Quick to assemble and install using basic tools
  • Modular living wall can be easily expanded (vertically & horizontally)
  • Sealed cells protect walls and structures from damp
  • Cell temperature is regulated through good airflow
  • 25 x 25cm cell allows for greater design possibilities
  • Pocket ‘drip through’ slots help supply water to all plants
  • Integrated clips allow for standard irrigation systems to be added (optional)
  • Ideal for flowers, ferns, sedums, evergreens, herbs, grasses & trailing plants
  • Superior 25 year design life

Every garden, no matter how small, has some vertical space, be it a wall or other suitable structure, that is perfect for populating with plants. The Platipus G-WALL® Living Wall is an easy to install modular system that will allow even the most inexperienced gardener to transform bare boundaries or spaces into vibrant colourful green walls and vertical gardens.


    How to Assemble the Living Wall System



    POSITION OF YOUR LIVING WALL:Outdoor or Indoor Living Wall Positions

    When deciding on where to position your Outdoor or Indoor Living Wall you will need to give some consideration on the location to the sun or natural light. This may also have an impact on your choice of plants:

    North facing will be shady
    South facing will be sunny
    East or West facing will experience both




    Annuals: Normally last a year but they can give you great colour
    Edibles: Herbs, vegetables and fruits. These are likely to be seasonal
    Succulents: Require less water / maintenance. Can last for many years
    Tropical: Ideal for your internal planting and can provide big green leaves that are full of life
    Perennials: These can last for years if properly maintained


    Choosing the right soil for your vertical gardenSOIL SELECTION FOR YOUR GREEN WALL*:

    Once you have made your plant selection you will need to choose a suitable soil for your plants and vertical garden:

    • Annuals & Edibles: A good quality potting mix with organic matter to stimulate growth
    • Succulents: Do not like wet feet, the potting mix must have good drainage
    • Tropical & Perennials: A good quality potting mix should be fine with bark, perlite and pumice

    Maintenance of the Green WallGREEN WALL MAINTENANCE*:

    It is good practice to inspect your G-WALL® vertical garden regularly to check the condition of your plants and soil:

    • Consider replacing some plants and specimens every quarter to ensure your living wall remains healthy and vibrant
    • Replace any underperforming varieties, if necessary
    • Consider using a granular or liquid fertiliser, if necessary
    • During winter it is best to water during warmer moments, to avoid frost and icing


    *We would always recommend speaking to your local Garden Centre or
    Nursery if you need assistance with plant selection, soils and maintenance.


    G-WALL Modular Living Wall Booklet 1m2 (16cell) Panel Installation Guide Multi-Panel Installation Guide
    Platipus Anchors G-Wall Modular Living Wall Booklet G-Wall Single Panel Installation Guide   G-Wall Multi Panel Installation Guide 

    Case Studies

    G-WALL - Private Garden The Hide Garden - RHS Malvern Private Domestic Garden, West Sussex

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