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G-WALL - A Modular Living Wall System

  • £145.00
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Sold as 16 cells covering 1m² | Excludes screws & irrigation

The G-WALL living wall system is incredibly versatile so that anyone can start using the system straight from the box. Lightweight and easy to use, you will have your living wall up in no time at all. G-WALL incorporates our already hugely successful and patented D-MAN® cell to ensure guaranteed strength and security for your living wall project. The modular nature of the G-WALL allows for incredibly simple vertical and horizontal expansion, using interlocking omnidirectional cells with an individual cell capacity of 580ml. These cells use ‘jigsaw’ integration rails and are easily connected using lightweight hand tools.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick & easy to assemble / build

  • No batons, rails, hanging grids or membranes

  • UV inhibited materials

  • Each cell provides 4 pockets for planting

  • Accepts standard 13 / 14mm irrigation pipe

  • Unique pocket ‘drip-through’ water system

  • Plant temperatures moderated by cool air flow behind the cell