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D-MAN® System - RF1PDMAN

  • £51.40

Tension Lever - TL1 - TL1 £31.47

With the ever increasing desire to create beautiful landscapes in challenging urban environments and roof gardens there are many occasions where a standard tree anchoring system cannot be used due to the location of buried services or shallow planting areas. The award-winning D-MAN® is a strong, compact and lightweight system primarily designed to replace the traditional kerbstone or sleeper deadman.

D-MAN® can be used individually or in multiples and cells simply lock / unlock together. It has a distinctive letterbox style wire tendon anchor point and a unique cup for valuable water storage. D-MAN® is made from recycled plastic and when combined Plati-Mat® and our own engineered ratchet tensioner provides excellent stability to the tree.

The RF1PDMAN Kit Contains:

  • 3 x Wire Chokes
  • 4 Metres of Galvanised Wire
  • 1 x Ratchet Tensioner
  • 3 x Plati-Mat®
  • 3 x D-MAN® Cells

Watch the installation guide below: