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Deadman Fixing Kit - Plati-Mat® - RF3RDMP

  • £127.72

Tension Lever - TL2 - TL2 £54.43

Designed to satisfy the requirements of a specialist market, traditional deadmen systems have enabled Platipus to offer effective solutions for planting in difficult urban environments, where buried services may be a problem. 

The systems use kerbstones or sleepers as anchor points and providing that the soil placed on top of the kerbstones or sleepers has been well compacted before placing the tree in the pit, the systems offer a fast and efficient method of securing rootball trees up to 12 metres high.

The RF3RDMP Kit Contains:

  • 3 x wire chokes
  • 8 metres of galvanised wire
  • 1 x ratchet tensioner
  • 3 x Plati-Mat®

Watch the installation guide below: