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CK1 - Caravan Kit for hard compacted soils

  • £104.89

Tension Lever - TL1 - TL1 £31.47
Hand Drive Rods - HDRS4 - HDRS4 £83.15

Kit includes:

  • 4x S4 Anchors with wire tendon attached

  • 4x Ratchet tensioner assemblies including protective collar and clip


Platipus Caravan and Portable Building Security Systems have been specifically designed for site operators and caravan owners. The systems provide a complete package that gives maximum security and can be installed using basic installation tools in a matter of minutes. All tools can be purchased or hired from Platipus or your site operator. 

  • Protect your asset
  • Proven Record
  • Cost Saving
  • Kit Selection

Did you know: Many caravan and portable building insurance policies contain the following clause: “The policy does not cover: Overturning of caravans and portable buildings by storm, tempest or flood unless securely anchored to the ground at all four corners of the chassis.” Are you covered?