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Plati-Grip Extension Rod - PLATIPEGDOG £62.50
Plati-Grip Dog - PLATIPEGDOG £22.05

PLATI-GRIP™ is a high-performance spiral anchor ideal for securing erosion blankets, geosynthetics, landscape fabrics and complements our existing range of Platipus ARGS® erosion and slope stability solutions. The 40mm Quadra cap, with integrated zip tie fixing slot, uniformly distributes load across the materials’ surface and allows an increasing assortment of other products to be secured such as small pipes, cables, cellular confinement and fencing.

With over 40 years experience of designing anchoring solutions, Plati-Grip’s unique patented design, including drill point and dual thread, means it installs quickly, by hand, into most displaceable ground. It generates twin frustum cones that grip the soil tightly and provide unmatched pull-out resistance up to 30kg. Plati-Grip™ is made from durable commercial grade plastic, can be re-used and recycled.

Benefits of Plati-Grip™

  • High Production Rates: quick to install manually or using an electric drill
  • Dual thread generates twin frustum cones providing unmatched
  • pull-out resistance up to 30 kg
  • Grips material tight to the ground & encourages vegetation
  • Design eliminates damage to material and uniformly distributes load
  • Various installation tools available to eliminate any health & safety concerns
  • Superior fixing reduces labour costs associated with refitting loose pins or mat
  • Made from durable commercial grade plastic, can be re-used and recycled